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What every person really needs to know

How to Move Forward and Move Mountains. Period.

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Really? That’s your excuse?

Play Small? No way!

  • What is meant by GOING BIG?
  • And why should you even bother anyway?

First, what does GOING BIG even mean?

I mean, WHY NOT?

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You’re worth it

How to practice a little more self love

Taking care of ourselves is not selfish, it’s…

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Get back on track in moments

A three item checklist to creating momentum NOW

  • Do I have clear direction?
  • Do I have defined reasons for moving in that direction?
  • Do I have the know-how to get me there?

Checklist Item #1: Do I have clear direction?

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Finding my purpose was only the beginning

4 Reasons Why One Decision Changed Everything

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Poetry Meant To Inspire

You know that feeling when you believe there’s a better life out there for you…

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You get to decide who the real YOU is, every day.

Live in the Present. Learn from the Past. Plan for the Future.

  • A false notion, incorrectness of reasoning or belief; erroneousness.
  • The total, essential, or particular…

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Be Inspired By Poetry

Seize Your Dreams. Make It Happen.


8 Ways I Intend To Be A Better Dad

My Story

Josh Holladay

UX Designer, Front-end Developer, Affiliate Marketer, Entrepreneur, Writer, Composer, Vocalist, Cyclist, Husband, Father.

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