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What every person really needs to know

How to Move Forward and Move Mountains. Period.

How would you like to know the VERY FIRST STEP to becoming more PROSPEROUS, more PRODUCTIVE, and more FULFILLED in your life?

For those who are happy where they are at right now, great. Maybe another time. Just click away from this post and continue on with your day. YOU’RE WELCOME BACK anytime and I’d love to share what I’ve learned with you in the following words reflected below regarding STEP ONE to achieving what you want in life.

But, for those of you WHO WANT TO KNOW, who want to FINALLY internalize and understand what that FIRST STEP is…

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Really? That’s your excuse?

Play Small? No way!

I will be answering the following questions:

  • What is meant by GOING BIG?
  • And why should you even bother anyway?

First, what does GOING BIG even mean?

GOING BIG, well, it’s all about going after what you want and love and still think you can’t have. It means to shoot for the moon. For example, really creating ways to become financially independent or actually learning the piano at 39 years old.

I mean, WHY NOT?

What is the definition of normal anyway? And who sets that up to swallow our dreams away?!

GOING BIG means never giving up…Wait though, you hear that all the time. But listen…

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You’re worth it

How to practice a little more self love

Many a noble person run from house to house to help put out the fires of day to day living. But, when they finally return to their own abode, they find that all that’s left standing is the chimney and foundation.

The gaping hole in the ground and the ash and rubble serve as a testament to a sum of misguided efforts. What was really needed first was to take care of a few sparks, a couple of growing flames. Instead, they were ignored and a disaster now becomes a permanent mark.

Taking care of ourselves is not selfish, it’s…

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Get back on track in moments

A three item checklist to creating momentum NOW

When considering taking action, you first have to answer the following three questions:

  • Do I have clear direction?
  • Do I have defined reasons for moving in that direction?
  • Do I have the know-how to get me there?

This is a three item checklist to help you identify your next set of actions.

If what you want is important enough, stepping up your game is what you’ve got to do!

These questions will enable you to draw closer to where you’d like to get to and who you need to be.

Checklist Item #1: Do I have clear direction?

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Finding my purpose was only the beginning

4 Reasons Why One Decision Changed Everything

On August 5, 1995, I decided to embrace a whole new way of living. I was only fourteen years old at the time and the only one in my family to take this leap of faith. It turned out to be the best decision I’ve ever made.

My decision included adopting a whole new way of thinking. It was all about creating a new foundation to build my principles and values upon. I wanted to demonstrate a commitment to show myself and the world that I wanted to be a good person, for the long term.

I decided to focus…

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Poetry Meant To Inspire

You know that feeling when you believe there’s a better life out there for you…

I belong
to something new
Every time I look for answers,
Every time I seek the truth

About myself
And who I am
As I challenge faulty notions that
Make up this mortal man.

For, something stirs
Deep down inside
And starts to grow and grow within
Until it simply cannot hide.

It anchors deep,
Yet, stretches tall
And fills the breadth of space around me,
Spans the heavens, to me it calls.

I want to cast
My fears away
And live my life filled with this magic
And forever live this way.

And so I rise,
Begin to soar
When I…

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You get to decide who the real YOU is, every day.

Live in the Present. Learn from the Past. Plan for the Future.

If I were to say that the “self” doesn’t exist and that the notion of this “self concept” is false and ungrounded, that could sound a bit strange, far fetched, or maybe even slightly looney.

But, the case I am prepared to make here is this: The “self” we hold to be so real, isn’t real at all. It’s made up. It was never meant to be held on to the way we do.

Let’s define “fallacy” and “self” before we go any further.


  • A false notion, incorrectness of reasoning or belief; erroneousness.


  • The total, essential, or particular…

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Be Inspired By Poetry

Seize Your Dreams. Make It Happen.

I’m awake.
I’m alive.
I’ve opened up my eyes
And the day that is before me is so new.

I’ve escaped.
Yes, I’ve arrived from the darkness of the night
When all things I’d considered seemed so true.

But, I want the kind of life I find in this one
Where I can see a clear and constant me.
I know that when I try to see, I’ll miss one,
Those all too often passed by, opportunities…

To grab hold of my dreams,
To believe that I can
And take the ride of life the way I’d often planned.



8 Ways I Intend To Be A Better Dad

I am a father. The best role a man could ever hope to have, aside from being a husband, is to be a father.

I have seven children ranging from sixteen to four years old (when this literary work was published.)

It’s hard being a “dad”. Yes, I’m struggling. This is my story.

My Story

Fatherhood has brought me some of life’s sweetest joys. …

Josh Holladay

UX Designer, Front-end Developer, Affiliate Marketer, Entrepreneur, Writer, Composer, Vocalist, Cyclist, Husband, Father.

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